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Energy data as a service

The platform is a modern energy management solution for those who want to fully monitor consumption data as well as costs incurred for the purchase and distribution of utilities. is a simple and intuitive tool provided as part of the cloud architecture and does not require installation on the client’s hardware infrastructure. Access to measurement data is carried out using an application available from the level of a web browser.

Quick installation and use of compact IoT communication modules for communication saves time and money to launch the reading platform. Modules operating in 2G/3G/LTE technologies enable using the RS485 bus to connect up to 32 electricity meters, and acting as a concentrator, they can wirelessly connect to many types of wM-Bus devices.
A friendly user interface, the ability to create a multi-level enterprise structure, a virtual device warehouse and access to analyzes and reports allow both analysts and employees of financial or technical departments to easily take advantage of the advantages of the platform. is primarily a comprehensive management of readings and effective optimization of expenditures incurred for safe and reliable acquisition of measurement data.
Using the platform will certainly bring financial benefits, but it will also improve business management and optimize business management processes.

Features and benefits:
• Remote data acquisition
• Multi energy
• Efficient and modern Architecture
• Fast & Easy protocol development
• Data Analysis
• Nested structure of Measuring Points
• Reporting Engine
• Visual personalisation (white-label)
• User and Acces managment
• GraphQL API