Delivering smart Internet of Things solutions

We combine modern communication technologies with the world around us, creating breakthrough solutions for the power engineering and industry.

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Our passion is the Internet of Things and our services are related to it. We create unique solutions that help in creating optimal energy management for every home, company and enterprise.

What defines us


Our products are characterized by reliability and above-average workmanship, which is why they are chosen by customers from all over the world.


We are able to adapt to the customer’s requirements, and we implement our projects by selecting the most optimal technologies.


Dozens of completed projects allow us to plan even the most complex implementation and production projects.

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Sectors in which we operate


We provide devices that allow you to monitor the consumption of electricity and other utilities.


We support our clients in developing products and services based on IoT technology.


We help our clients reduce media purchase costs by implementing IoT technology.

New IoT technologies

We design innovative IoT electronics for our clients and we are responsible for its subsequent production.

PySENSE’s mission is to provide groundbreaking IoT solutions that will enable the energy transformation based on data and artificial intelligence. We believe that IoT technologies are the key to solving climate challenges. We want to give our customers the opportunity to effectively and optimally manage their energy balance.

Piotr Czak


40+ Completed R&D projects
500000+ Manufactured devices
30+ People on board

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