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Radio IoT Network Analyzer LPWA

The KUMO-RF analyzer is an innovative solution that facilitates comprehensive testing of the LPWA IoT network coverage and the implementation of any test scenarios. The device will be used at every stage of creating an IoT application that uses both commercial cellular bands and unlicensed ISM bands.

Due to being equipped with a powerful STM32H7 microcontroller, Bluetooth Low Energy, GNSS and a number of transmission systems, i.e. LTE, GSM, WIRELESS M-BUS, LORAWAN, KUMO-RF provides an All-In-One solution that allows you to compare technologies, ranges and create an unlimited number of test scenarios.

In addition to ISM technology, i.e. Wireless M-Bus 169/868 MHZ or LoRaWAN, KUMO-RF is equipped with two efficient systems for data transmission in LTE CAT1, CAT-M1, NB2 and GSM/GPRS networks. Thanks to support for the LTE B31 and B72 bands, it can be successfully used for testing dedicated LTE 450 MHz networks.

The built-in battery enables maintenance-free operation of the device for several dozen hours, and the IP67 housing fully protects the electronic circuits, so that the KUMO-RF can be used for tests in the most difficult environmental conditions, such as temperature or humidity. The friendly and open Bluetooth Low Energy interface allows you to use a dedicated iOS or Android application and create your own test scenarios using the PYTHON language.

• STM32H7 microcontroller
• Built-in LTE radios: CAT1, CAT-M1, NB2, GSM/GPRS
• Support for LTE and B31/B72 commercial bands – 450 MHz
• Built-in Radiocrafts: Wireless M-Bus 169/868 or Sigfox
• Embedded Semtech SX1272: LoRaWAN
• Built-in Bluetooth LE 5.1 chip with integrated antenna
• GNSS location system: Telit SE878K3-A
• 4 x SIM HOLDER 3FF 1.8V/3.3V
• 4 x SMA interface for external antenna: LTE CAT1, LTE LPWA, RADIOCRAFTS, SEMTEC
• 5 x LED indicators
• Built-in Li-Pol battery: 4000mAh
• IP6X housing
• Dedicated application for iOS and Android
• Ability to create your own test scripts using the Bluetooth Low Energy interface

• LTE/GSM network range tests
• Range tests of the LPWA network
• Network throughput measurements
• Antenna testing
• Selection of the best technology, network and operator in a given location

IoT Radio Coverage Testing

Multiple technologies allows to run the test and choose the best IoT stack for the certain application.