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Industrial LTE Terminal – RS485 / Wireless M-Bus

The DIN100-LITE modem is an industrial, certified communication terminal that enables data transmission from any devices equipped with an RS485 interface using a standard LTE cellular network. DIN100-LITE is a reliable device built on the basis of high-class electronic components that guarantee long operation of devices in various conditions.

The ultra-compact DIN 1S housing allows the installation of devices in hard-to-reach places, i.e. very small distribution or meter cabinets. The integrated cellular module enables transmission in LTE CAT1 networks both in commercial bands and in the 450 MHz band, i.e. B31 or B72. In turn, the integrated Wireless M-Bus 868 MHz radio system allows for collecting data from energy meters and other devices equipped with the Wireless M-Bus interface compliant with the EN-13757 standard in C1/T1 modes.

The built-in TCP/IP stack allows the transmission of any application protocols, i.e. MODBUS, IEC, DLMS/COSEM and others in a transparent mode, thanks to which DIN100-WMBUS allows you to connect any devices with any application protocol to the Internet network. Such devices can be energy meters, PV inverters, industrial controllers or end sensors.

The dedicated PMConnect application and the built-in LightweightM2M (LwM2M) protocol client allow for simple and standardized management and configuration of the device both locally and remotely. Thanks to LwM2M, the DIN100-WMBUS modem can be managed by any LwM2M server compliant with this standard.

• Built-in LTE Cat.1 4G/2G module
• Support for commercial LTE bands, i.e. B20, B8, B3, B1 and dedicated B31/B72 bands (450 MHz)
• Wireless M-Bus 868 MHz (T1/C1)
• RS485 half-duplex serial interface
• microUSB interface – configuration and debugging
• Built-in algorithms that monitor the operation of the device and provide continuous-remote access from the IP network
• Built-in LightweightM2M (LwM2M) client – Comprehensive Device Management
• Transparent data transmission for protocols in the application layer, i.e. MODBUS, IEC, DLMS/COSEM
• DUAL-SIM (2FF/MFF2) – Possibility of installing a VQFN sim card
• 9-30 VDC power supply
• 2 x SMB antenna interface for connecting external LTE and ISM antennas
• Temperature range -40C +70C
• DIN-1S housing

• Remote reading of electricity, water, heat and gas meters
• Communication with the HAN interface
• PLC drivers
• PV inverters
• Electric vehicle chargers
• Building metering
• OSD systems
• AMR systems