European Union

Here at PySENSE we are working on many innovative projects supported by EU founds.

PySENSE sp. z o.o. works on a project co-financed by European founds.
Innovative solution powerWISE implementation based ona proffessional project process of a communication module

The aim of the project is to develop a design of the communication module (M1), which will be implemented as a significantly improved product (called powerWISE), enabling remote reading of consumption, among others. electric energy. The effect of this will be the increase in the competitiveness of PySENSE, resulting from the launch of a new product on the market. From the point of view of users, they will be able to use a complete solution for remote reading and management of measurement data, including from electricity meters, water meters or heat meters. The use of the new device will also reduce the consumption of electricity / heat / water, which will be micro and macro economically beneficial, and thus will have a positive impact on the implementation of the principle of sustainable development.

Total project value: 960 015 PLN
Co-financing of the project from the EU: 501 425,00 PLN
Project completion date: 31.05.2020