Innovation and Reliability

We create an intelligent Internet of Things solutions


DIN Rail Modem

PM-XE910 DIN Rail modems equipped with latest communication technologies solutions and things management tools.

Priopretary software platform dedicated for various utilities data aquisition and further analysis and management. 

OEM Modems

Made to measeure communication devices prescribed for various electricity meters carries latest market requirements.

batTery gateway

Data gateway equipped with Wireless M-Bus communication for data acquisition and LTE communication for further data transfer.  

PMX Platform

Enable unique possibility for fast device development upon customer demands, even these sophisticated. 

Air quality sensor

Indoor location designated, breathing air quality sensor.

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About us

We are a Internet of Things innovators and enablers merging modern communication technologies with nearby physical devices. We create most innovative plug&play but as well made to measure solutions. Individual approach combined with reliability and proper quality management are the key features of our projects. Our solutions blur the edges between smart metering, industry, environment and connected things.

Our values


Concentration on solid understanding our customer demands results in best in class products and solution delivery.


Most modern communication technologies are used in all our products and solutions making all of them very innovative and competitive.

strong team

Team of experienced experts understaing market requirements supported by finest engineers is our success recipe.


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Warsaw Office:
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VAT No.: PL8992807074
KRS: 0000659555
REGON: 366380401

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